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B-pharma Ltd. appreciates and respects its customers, therefore our priorities are set at product effectiveness and safety, diligent work and product quality.

However, there is also a State service responsible for pharmacological supervision of drugs in Ukraine. This is the responsibility of the State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. All pharmacological activities of the country and safety control are regulated at the legislative level – by order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 898 dated 27.12.2006 “On approval of Procedure for Surveillance over Adverse Reactions to Medicinal Products Permitted for Medical Use” with amendments.

One of the departments within “B-pharma” Ltd is specifically responsible for quality control and safety of drugs, which are offered to us by our partners.

The company’s pharmacovigilance department monitors the quality and safety of drugs, facilitates timely decision-making in case of force majeure.

“B-pharma” is interested in maintaining its high reputation through supporting the international standards for medicines. We collect, analyze and process incoming information about various manifestations of side effects from doctors, patients, pharmacists.

Dear partners and patients!

If you showed a side effect from the drug or you do not see the effectiveness of the drug, please let us know in the most convenient way for you:

  1. Complete the online form
  2. By phone: (044) 501-69-79 (during office hours) or (050) 441-63-01 (24-hour a day).

All information is confidential and is not subject to disclosure, except in cases established by law.

    ! How the product was acquired? (gift, purchase) Where the product was acquired? (name and address of the pharmacy).

    ! *Required fileds

    Pharmacovigilance (Pharm.vigilance) is a scientifically supported activity in the identification, evaluation, interpretation and prevention of negative consequences or any other problem related to medicines.

    Adverse reaction is any undesirable negative reaction that occurs when using medicines in usual doses recommended for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

    The causes of adverse reactions may also include:

    • medical errors
    • off-label use of drugs
    • drug abuse
    • overdose

     Absence of the effectiveness of the drug – the lack of a beneficial therapeutic or prophylactic effect of the drug on the course and duration of the disease according to the indications specified in the instruction for medical use.

    The batch number is a specific combination of numbers (five, six or seven – digit), which specifically identifies the batches. It is applied to all types of packaging.