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B-pharma management team possesses extensive experience in commercialization of medical products, provides broad expertise in the healthcare field, and establishes successful and mutually beneficial cooperation. We offer a reliable and flexible spectrum of services in the international markets.
We provide a full range of services to foreign pharmaceutical companies to support their entry to the Ukrainian market, in particular:
Development of customized solutions for business development and marketing, specially developed for the market of Ukraine and other CIS countries
Registration of products, as well as support to the client from the beginning of the registration of a new product to its sale to the patient
Identification of prospective clients and partners in sales
Building sales process, informing about new products and services
Ensuring high sales growth rates for new products
Cost-effective marketing
Highly qualified staff
10+ years of experience in marketing and sales
Selective product choice to avoid conflicts of interest among partners
Strong portfolio of pharmaceutical products allowing for steady sales, which in turn ensure availability of financial resources for new launches
Vertical company structure allowing for timely key managerial decisions
Broad regional coverage with sales force
If you are looking for opportunities to enter a new market for your company, contact us by filling out the online form. For each partner we offer a customized form of cooperation to establish mutually beneficial relations. We develop business plans to promote the product from its registration to launch in the market, analyze competitive environment, market capacity and product potential –from biologically active additives or medical products to medications.