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B-pharma Ltd. is a private Ukrainian company specializing in pharmaceutical marketing. We have been well known in the Ukrainian market since 2002.

The main specialization of B-pharma is to help foreign pharmaceutical companies get access to new regional markets, including Ukraine, by developing customized strategic business solutions.

Our offer to Ukrainian doctors and patients includes full open access to innovative medical products from leading Spanish, German, French and Italian manufacturers. Unique pharmaceutical products are effective in treating specific diseases, improving the overall quality of life, and increasing the patient’s life.

We aim to be as close to our patient as possible and to ensure the availability of the entire product range. This is why we have opened regional representative offices in most major cities of Ukraine – Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa and Lviv.

Our team is mostly comprised of medical representatives with higher medical education. Our professionals speak the same language with doctors of various specialties – neurologists, endocrinologists, gynecologists, surgeons, pediatricians, therapists, gastroenterologists, ENTs, as well as pharmacists.

Besides active participation in scientific and practical seminars and conferences, we also initiate and organize meetings and educational projects, exchange programs.

Our formula of success is high quality and safety of the pharmaceutical product that we are promoting. Our business model is based on high standards for business and patient service.

The mission of "B-pharma" is focusing only on innovative, original and tested medications.
The life and health of our patients are at the forefront of the company's strategy. The interests of partners, clients and patients are our first priority.
"B-pharma" is a stable company with high ethical principles.

We strive for excellence in everything we do. And the highest value of our work comes from efficiency and focus on results. Together with partners, we find creative solutions to the tasks set to make innovative solutions more accessible.

Our clients and partners are well known in the international market. These are large pharmaceutical companies with many years of experience in production of medical products. We have been working with such manufacturers as Ferrer, Faes, Uriach and Trommsdorff for many years. These companies have their representative offices, production facilities, and research centers on five continents. Through support provided by “B-pharma”, various medical products – Nucleo, Gamalate, Somazina, Disgren, Venosmil, Anginovag, Trimetabol, Rectodelt, Mutaflor – received a well-deserved recognition from doctors and patients.

Our partners have made a great contribution to preserving and improving health of people around the world.

Ardeypharm GmbH, Germany
Faes Farma, S.A., Spain
Ferrer Internacional, S.A., Spain
Laboratorios Salvat, S.A., Spain
Trommsdorff GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
J. Uriach y Compania, S.A., Spain